Management Automation

You can't automate what you can't action.

Most of today's virtualization management tools provide a wealth of data and charts but few truly actionable answers, and what answers they do give require further analysis and interpretation by IT managers in order to come up with actual actions that can safely be taken in an environment. In dynamic virtual and cloud environments, IT teams must deal with even more rapid change, and don't have the time or resources to perform this additional analysis on every action being taken.  Reliable, actionable intelligence is critical.

CiRBA provides specific, actionable recommendations so organizations know precisely how much capacity to allocate to a VM and where to place workloads in order to maximize efficiency and mitigate risk. This enables proactive infrastructure management and deeper automation, and CiRBA closes the loop by supporting policy-based routing of recommendations to third-party systems such as cloud management platforms, ticketing, orchestration or other management frameworks.


Create an Action Plan
Create an Action Plan to target remediation or optimization for a sub-set of systems.
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Automate Actions in
VMware Environments

For VMware environments, CiRBA provides an out-of-the-box Action Automation system that is specifically designed to work with the VMware ecosystem and management systems.
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Establish policies
Establish policies that identify where to route actions to streamline workflow and comply with change management processes.
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Increase Agility and Control with Detailed Actions and Action Plans

Through its Action System, CiRBA provides specific recommended actions that enable organizations to know exactly where workloads need to be placed, how resources should be allocated and what is coming into and going out of an environment. These actions are governed by applied Policies and are managed through Action Plans. Policies ensure that the actions meet with operational and business requirements from every perspective including routing and handling to comply with change management requirements. For example, if VM allocation reclamation requires approvals and a change ticket, that action type can be handled and routed appropriately. A VM move for a non-critical system may not require any additional processing and therefore, could be routed directly to systems in place to move the VM. Action Plans enable users to carve off a sub-set of recommended actions for approval, routing and implementation. Managing actions in this way gives users a methodical approach and granular control over what happens and when.

Integration to VMware & Other Management Solutions to Enable Daily Optimization

CiRBA enables recommended actions such as changing VM allocations, rebalancing VMs, or rebalancing workloads to be automatically pushed to third-party systems such as VMware® vCenter™ through packaged or custom integrations. CiRBA's API and XML and CSV extracts enable organizations and services teams to build integrations to additional applications such as help desks, and provisioning and orchestration tools. Recommended actions are routed and governed through CiRBA policy settings that determine approval processes, where an action should go, and when the action should take place.

CiRBA provides a comprehensive system that enables the automation of committed CiRBA action plans for VMware environments. This system gives organizations granular control over automation with the ability to specify which types of actions are automated, when the action is sent, and how the system coordinates its actions with other management tools such as VMware DRS that exist in the VMware ecosystem.

Integration to Cloud Management Platforms to Automate Initial Placement Decisions and Capacity Reservations

CiRBA also supports API integration with Cloud Management Platforms, such as OpenStack, enabling these tools to send an initial placement request for a new workload to CiRBA and reserve capacity on the fly. This forms  the foundation of capacity management in internal cloud environments.

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